Who we are

Twin sisters born and raised in a beach town in Brazil, Karoline and Kamila always had a dream of working together in a business that was not only fun but empowered women to be their best. 

Growing up in a big family Karoline and Kamila were surrounded by women - strong women who supported each other and focused on being great leaders and examples in their communities. They grew up believing that communities that support each other help foster confidence and lead individuals to better believe in themselves. 

The Brazilian woman is known for her self confidence and independence. Her bold way to live. The way she owns her femininity and sensuality and knowledge. Karoline and Kamila believe working out is a way to invest in yourself, build your confidence and have fun -  whether alone or in a group of friends. 

Antonias was created with the hope that the clothing that's offered will help you invest in yourself, invest in your community of strong females, empower yourself and the women around you and above all else be the best version of yourself.
"Welcome to our family and our sisterhood"
- Karoline & Kamila xo